Calories in Hamburger

Calories in Hamburger

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Hamburger Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Hamburger, large, double patty, with condiments and vegetables1 sandwich54040.334.326.610.5
Hamburger, large, single patty, with condiments1 sandwich42536.72320.97.9
Hamburger, large, triple patty, with condiments1 sandwich69228.65041.515.9
Hamburger, regular, double patty, plain1 sandwich54442.929.927.910.4
Hamburger, regular, double patty, with condiments1 sandwich57638.731.832.512
Hamburger, regular, single patty, plain1 sandwich27530.512.311.84.1
Hamburger, regular, single patty, with condiments1 sandwich27234.
Hamburger, regular, single patty, with condiments and vegetables1 sandwich27927.312.913.54.1

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