Calories in Burger King

Calories in Burger King

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Burger King Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
BURGER KING, Cheeseburger1 item38031.519.419.79.1
BURGER KING, Chicken WHOPPER Sandwich1 item58850.83228.66
BURGER KING, DOUBLE WHOPPER, no cheese1 item94251.452.158.621.6
BURGER KING, DOUBLE WHOPPER, with cheese1 item106153.957.768.127.9
BURGER KING, French Fries38746.
BURGER KING, Hamburger1 item33332.817.214.76.1
BURGER KING, Original Chicken Sandwich1 item58349.725.631.46.9
BURGER KING, Vanilla Shake424.
BURGER KING, WHOPPER, no cheese1 item6785431.337.412.4
BURGER KING, WHOPPER, with cheese1 item79052.835.448.418.3

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